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LoadAll Hauling Trailering Loading Ramp System Truck Motorcycle ATV Long Bed 8'

Manufacturer: LoadAll




PART # V2800

The V2 Loading Ramp by LoadAll is capable of loading anything from motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATV's to appliances, furniture, and two-wheeled carts, along with anything else you can haul up its ramp in a matter of minutes.

This V2 model is designed specifically for long bed pick up trucks with an 8 foot bed and is installed in a fixed position behind the tailgate - meaning the Platform never moves and will always allow the tailgate to be closed.

The mounting system is one of the key safety features for LoadAll Ramps, which gives the security of knowing all the weight will be transferred back into the truck bed and will never rely on the tailgate.

All systems are built from lightweight, extruded aluminum with built-in traction so you can safely and easily load up riding equipment in any weather or terrain.

Ramp sections and extensions are able to be detached to decrease weight for an easier installation and/or removal process. The tailgate is never compromised while loading or transporting and will close with or without loaded equipment (depending on equipment length). Systems are able to be removed and/or re-installed in other vehicles at any time.


Dimensions: 96”(L) X 48”(W) X 6”(H)
21 ½ foot overall loading length (with 44" extension)
1,300 lb. weight capacity
Fixed installation point behind tailgate (does not move or extend bed length)
Never rely's on or puts weight on tailgate
Tailgate able to close during use* and/or storage (*dependent on equipment length)
Built-in Traction / Skid-Free surface for safe, easy loading in any weather
Maintains hitch access and trailer/travel trailer towing capabilities
Can be removed at any time
Limited 2 Year Warranty
Ideal for:
Long Bed Pick-up Trucks
Flat bed trucks
Semi trucks

Ramp Extension
Extend the length of your Ramp by an additional 44 inches to reduce incline
Need to haul 2 bikes? We can install E-Trac plates at either end of the Platform's loading surface to provide an easy to reach tie-down anchor point when transporting two motorcycles.
Includes 2 O-Ring E-Trac adapters

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