Flathead Gas Oil Split Tank Set 45" Servi Car Harley Side Valve Late Shift Gate

Designer: V-Twin Manufacturing

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PART # 38-0860

W 1947-1952
G 1947-1957

Raw tank set accepts gas shut off rod kit. Set includes tank emblem mount strips only, which can be used for restoration on 1947-1950 models.

Tank set is an accurate reproduction of the stock gas/oil tank combinationwith the fuel shut off rod feature.

Gas Capacity: 3.5
Gallon Oil Capacity: 3.4 Quart

*NOTE: Tank set accepts 2, 3 and cast lite dash and later 1947-1973 shifter gate for W2 and g model servi-cars.

May require fuel rod and oil tank fittings alignment, using V-Twin #16-0182, before applying paint.

*NOTE: Must order emblem set separately.