Andrews 26H Roller Chain Cam .490 Lift 2006-17 Harley Softail Dyna Touring

Designer: Andrews

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PART # 216326

FITS: 2007-2016 Touring, Softail, 2006 & up Dyna models

Bolt-in cams: 88 and 96 inches - stock compression ratio. 

Great for two-up touring, this cam will add torque and HP at lower and middle RPM ranges.

 (1800-5200 RPM).

Camshafts on all 2007 Twin 96" and 2006 Dyna engines use roller chain drives instead of silent chains. 

Camshafts made for 1999-2005 engines will not fit the 2006 Dynas or new 2007 Twin 96" engines. 

2006 Road Glides, Road Kings, ElectraGlides and all Softail models still run earlier silent chain drives. 

All of the cam grinds listed below are designed for use with stock hydraulic lifters. 

Twin 96" bikes and 2006 Dynas will have the same performance characteristics as earlier bikes with similar cam grinds. 

Matching EZ-install pushrods kits are also available at an additional cost. 

EZ-install pushrods do not require removal of gas tanks or rocker boxes when installing bolt-in camshafts.



Opens: 11 degree

Closes: 35 degree

Duration @ .053: 226 degree

Duration @ .020: 262 degree

Valve Lift: .490

Lift TDC: .138


Opens: 41 degree

Closes: 09 degree

Duration @ .053: 230 degree

Duration @ .020: 266 degree

Valve Lift: .490

Lift TDC: .120