Cobra Black 2.5" Speedster True Duals Exhaust System Harley 2010-2016 Touring

Designer: Cobra

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Black Speedster Duals

This true-dual looking system offers performance to match the style, with the PowerPort cross over. 

Full length heat shields and billet tips too!

Our Speedster Duals take the duals notion to a whole new level. 

Every one loves the clean look of a true-dual system, but the truth is, 

those systems don't always deliver when it comes to performance. 

That's all changed with the Cobra Speedster Duals.

Because of the Cobra PowerPort--a unique crossover that connects the front and rear head pipes, 

this system performs like a true 2-into-1 pipe with the clean look of a traditional dual system. 

The dual head pipes broaden the low end and mid-range torque curve, 

perfect for touring and highway use, and they provide a noticeable power boost across entire rpm range. 

It includes oxygen sensor bungs.

Speedster Duals start with the PowerPort Duals head pipes and add the famous Cobra Speedsters style. 

They give great sound that's enhanced by the proprietary PowerPort crossover. 

Full-length 2.5-inch heat shields give a full seamless appearance. 

The oxygen sensor bungs are included in the head pipes. Straight-cut, chromed billet tips finish off the pipes.