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Chrome 16 x 3.5 Fat Daddy 50 Spoke Front Wheel Rim Indian Cruiser Touring 14-17



LACED WHEEL ASSEMBLIES. Classic spoke design. Chrome billet aluminum hubs with polished stainless steel spokes and polished stainless steel nipples. Chrome-plated steel rims. Wheels come completely assembled and are trued to less than .005" runout. DOT approved. Accept CMV tubes (except 16"x3.5" wheels, which use an SMV tube). Sealed design allows tubeless tires to be used. Stock pulleys and rotors can be used. Front and rear applications for most popular models. Sizes available for custom applications. Made in the U.S.A. by RideWright Wheels. NOTE: 21” front wheel applications cannot use factory front fender. It is the installer's responsibility to determine the required changes..
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