Kuryakyn Orbit Prism+ 5-3/4" LED Headlight Bluetooth Controlled Multi-Color Halo

Designer: Kuryakyn

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Powerful high-output L.E.D.'s significantly enhance the rider's nighttime field of vision and all-around visibility. The customizable halo delivers additional “wow factor” with millions of color options plus preset and customized display modes. Designed to seamlessly integrate into our Prism+ Accent Lighting System that offers a variety of ways to turn your ride into a rolling canvas of light—all controlled by your phone via Bluetooth.

Raw lumen output: 2,200 (High Beam); 1,300 (Low Beam)

Effective lumen output: 1,300 (High Beam); 860 (Low Beam)

Low-beam current draw: 1.25 amps

High-beam current draw: 2.0 amps

Halo light current draw: 292 mA (36 L.E.D.s)

Color temperature: 6,500K

Uses standard H4, 3-blade connector

Includes Prism+ Bluetooth controller featuring four zones for max coverage and variety (two front, two rear, compatible with all Android or iOS phones devices

Prism+ Bluetooth Controller max L.E.D. capacity is 250, with no zone to exceed 100 total L.E.D.'s (Orbit Prism+ 5-3/4" halo = 36 L.E.D.'s)
Uniform light distribution and greater temperature stability

Durable IP67-rated aluminum housing, with UV-protected scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens

Exceeds applicable DOT and Transport Canada requirements


Free downloadable app compatible with all Android or iOS devices

Ride Mode: Designates front zones as static amber, rear zones as static red

Rage Mode: Lights quickly cycle through colors in unison

Chase Mode: Lights “chase” across each zone, changing colors progressively

Chill Mode: Lights slowly change color in unison

Custom Mode: create personalized display modes and color sequences

Device microphone recognition for music syncing capability

Camera recognition for convenient photo color referencing

Battery voltage monitor and auto shut-off prevent over-consumption