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Black 2-1/8 Exhaust Muffler Pipe Bolt In Baffle Baffles Pair Set Harley Chopper

Manufacturer: V-Twin Mfg.


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Brand New !

Part No. 30-0372

Steel pipe baffle set is v-slot type and is 4.5" long with an outer diameter of 2-1/8". 

Baffles are for use in 2-1/4" i nner diameter straight pipes. 

Set will fit into 2-1/4" inner diameter straight pipes. 

The unique shape will compress exhaust gases for more sound and less noise with added power. 

Requires one 1/4" hole for mounting. Sold in a quantity of 2. 

*Baffle diameter denotes the size of the pipe into which it fits. 



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