BBR Motorsports 88CC Big Bore Cylinder Piston Kit With Cam Honda CRF50F & XR50R


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Part # 411-HXR-5500

Impressive Power. Engineered and developed by BBR. 

This cylinder retains skid plate mounts and includes: BBR aluminum cylinder, piston kit, exclusive BBR motocross-grind camshaft and gasket kit. 

Easy bolt-on instructions included. 

The most reliable kit available. Runs great with stock carb or bolt on BBR's 18mm carb kit.  

     • Cylinder retains skid plate mounts

• BBR aluminum cylinder

• 52mm piston specially designed to work with your stock cylinder head's combustion chamber.

• MX-grind camshaft

• Gasket kit

• Easy bolt-on instructions included

   Installation Note: This kit will not work with the Honda XR/CRF70 or other big port cylinder heads.

It is designed for the tiny combustion chamber of the OEM Honda XR/CRF50 cylinder head. 

The flat top piston dome will result in an extremely low compression ratio when combined with the XR/CRF70 type cylinder head. 

The result is a motor that makes less horsepower than stock. BBR Does not currently make a big bore kit for the XR/CRF70. 

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