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Memphis Shades 17" Black Smoke Road Warrior Windshield Cafe Fairing Harley Dyna

Manufacturer: MEMPHIS SHADES





PART NUMBERS: MEM7371+MEB2028+MEB9883+MEP87012

Complete Package, Including Road Warrior Fairing, 17" Black Smoke Windscreen, Mounting Kit, and Headlight Extension Bracket

Fairing Features:  

Stylish coverage with clean lines and smooth curves.  19" wide.

Class A gloss black finish outside, looks great as is or can be easily painted.

Made in the U.S.A. - Made in Memphis!

Windscreen Features:  

Windshields provide superior optics and Lucite® construction

Fits only Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings

Made in the U.S.A. - Made in Memphis!

Bracket Features:

E-Coated Metal/Polymer Construction

Trigger Lock Mechanism for easy on/off

Headlight Extension Features:

Moves headlight forward in fairing bezels of Gauntlet and Café fairings. (6 positions: 1.3” to 2.6”)

Machined from billet aluminum, ecoated black.

Bezels may need to be trimmed for headlight bracket clearance. (instructions included)

Special Note:  Hand Guards Shown are NOT part of the sale.  We sell them additional, separate, on our ebay site now.

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