Kuryakyn Prism+ Impact Kit LED L.E.D Lighting Bluetooth Controller Universal 12V

Designer: Kuryakyn

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Distinct L.E.D. accent lighting personalized by you! Our robust Prism+ system is loaded with a variety of ways to turn your ride into a rolling canvas of light—all controlled by your phone via Bluetooth.
Millions of one-touch color options from a spectrum-based color wheel, four preset modes, user-created custom modes, sync-to-music mode, camera-recognition color matching and more.
The smart L.E.D.s are also capable of practical features like additional run, brake and turn signal functionality to greatly improve visibility toward other motorists.


The “mid-level” Prism+ accent lighting kit includes more than enough firepower to make a serious impact regardless what you ride.

The Impact Kit is available with or without a Prism+ Bluetooth Controller so you can start from scratch or add to existing Prism+ headlights, kits or components already using a Bluetooth Controller.

Impact Kit Includes: Six Prism+ Light Pods, two 8” Flex-Strip Lights, eight 9” Extension Wires, four 12” Extension Wires, two 24” Extension Wires, On/Off switch, zip ties, alcohol pads & dielectric grease

Bluetooth controller features four zones for max coverage & variety (two front, two rear)

Controller max L.E.D. capacity is 250, with no zone to exceed 100 total L.E.D.'s (Impact Kit Total L.E.D. Count: 80)

Durable IP67 rated waterproof housings & connectors

Universal for any vehicle with 12V DC

High-strength 3M® VHB™ for easy, secure installation

Light Pods: 8 intensely bright wide-angle L.E.D.s (92 mA draw)

8" Flex-Strip Lights: 16 intensely bright wide-angle L.E.D.s (175 mA draw)

Plug-&-play “daisy chain” expansion: Sealed housings & connectors can only be assembled one way to eliminate miss-wiring

Expand your kit with Orbit Prism+ Headlights & Passing Lamps, or additional Prism+ Flex-Strips, Pods, Roulette Wheel & Flare lights

Optional brake/rear turn functionality not compatible with all years, makes & models


Free downloadable app compatible with all Android or iOS devices

Ride Mode: Designates front zones as static amber, rear zones as static red

Rage Mode: Lights quickly cycle through colors in unison

Chase Mode: Lights “chase” across each zone, changing colors progressively

Chill Mode: Lights slowly change color in unison

Custom Mode: create personalized display modes & color sequences

Device microphone recognition for music syncing capability

Camera recognition for convenient photo color referencing

Battery voltage monitor and auto shut-off prevent over-consumption

Multi-Fit: Universal 12V Applications