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1999 Harley Davidson MT500 Military Enduro Dirt Bike Motorcycle Street Legal

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The  U.S. MT500 is one of the rarest and lowest production motorcycles ever made by Harley-Davidson in their York, PA. Manufacturing plant.  Sources say only 200+ were ever produced for 1999. One of the first bikes ever made.  Less than 350 miles on it. Bike runs great.  Comes with removable front pannier boxes and a SA-80 machine gun holder case.  Comes with a tool kit.

Bikes originally sold for $9,000-$13,000.  Gun box and panniers were $1500 options.  Select dealers were allotted 2 bikes to sell, keep, or raffle off for MDA.

Spare parts are available in Great Britain and Canada as the aging fleet of MT-350's is sold as military surplus over there.

Bike is in great shape with very low miles.

Bike is carbureted with both kick or electric start.

Harley-Davidson produced;

About 3500 MT350’s and MT500’s from 1995 to 1998,

20 U.S. MT500’s in 1995

278 U.S. MT500’s in 1999

About 200 U.S. MT500’s in 2000 were scheduled but may of never been built.


The development of this Harley-Davidson MT500 ( M-50 military term) was started by an Italian company called SWM Motor Works. They used an Austrian engine called the Rotax which came in 350cc and 505cc sizes.  After winning several trials championships and two world championships, the company liquidated.  In 1984 Armstrong of Bolton, England bought the rights to SWM Motor Works.

A military version of the motorcycle was developed for use in the Falklands for the British Army, for desert use by the Jordanian Army, and for the Canadian Army to use in mountainous areas.

Armstrong made this motorcycle from 1985 to 1989.

In 1989 Harley-Davidson bought Armstrong primarily to have the rights to the Rotax engine which was used for their dirt-track racing teams.

These motorcycles are very rugged and can stand extreme desert temperatures, rocky terrain and harsh environments.  They can even stand “torrents of fording water” as the operation manual states. However, they proved not good for military use because of two problems.  One, the heat from the engine was easily detected by enemy forces using infrared scopes.  They tried blocking the radiation by adding front Panniers, (Storage case) but to no avail.  The other problem was the use of gasoline for the bikes instead of diesel which was used primarily by the military.

In 1998 Harley-Davidson lost the military contract because they went to what was called a ONE fuel Army. Diesel.

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