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21 x 3.5 80 Spoke Front Wheel 120/70 WWW Tire Package 2000-2007 Harley Touring


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M21520938 DNA 21" x 3.5" Chrome 80 Spoke front wheel
305792 Avon AV71 Cobra Whitewall Tire
M-RT-2100 x 2 (11.5" DNA Rotors)
8793-5 x 2 (Colony Rotor Bolts)
Mount And Balanced
FITS: 2000-2007 Touring Models (FLHX, FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, Etc)
Brand New, Mounted ready to install combo. 
 80 Spoke wheel, Avon 120/70-21 WWW tire.  
Stainless Spokes/Nipples, Chrome Billet Hub, Chrome Steel Rim, Polished Stainless Steel Rotors
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