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Trike Axle Conversion Kit Rear End Differential Harley Chopper Chain Drive Black

Manufacturer: DNA


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PART # M-AX-2006


We are a full service dealer and offer a full warranty on this axle.

Auction if for an axle with chain sprocket only. Chain allows you to mount your axle anywhere you want and cut the chain to size.. You can't do that with a belt. Also takes out the guesswork and costly mistakes in purchasing the wrong length belt.

Our pumpkin is vented, which not only allows for better cooling, but allows debris to fall out.. With others if a rock kicks up in the pumpkin off the chain it becomes trapped & can destroy your internals .. Over time the pumkin traps all the garbage and will need to be dissasembled and cleaned.. Not Ours... Our Trike axle is 2nd generation technology and was designed to out-perform & out-stop the competition!

Others sell trike axles with calipers on them that should be on mopeds..

If you don't care about stopping, then you may want to consider one of the other old style kits being sold on ebay.

This is a brand new Trike axle we had made for us by the same company that makes it for all the others selling for a higher price with added features.  Get them while you can..

Trike shown was fabricated in-house... We are a licensed manufacturer and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Pumpkin is made of lightweight aluminum and axle from steel so you can weld on any fender mounts if you choose.

Open Slip-Differential to help when making turns and disassembles with ease. Very easy to service. We took ours apart to have it powdercoated and it went back together with ease. 


5 ON 4.5 / 4.75 / 5

5 lug 4.75" Wheel pattern found on common Chevy wheels. (Shown with 15" x 10" Cragar)

Comes assembled with disc brakes (2 rotors & 2 calipers)

37.5" Width rotor to rotor.

42.5" Overall length

24.5" center to center of clamps.

Tech note: We recommend using lugs from NAPA M12-1.5 X 36MM Part no. 5 # 641-3132 (You'll need 2 boxes)

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