Andrews 37 Series Cam Kits for 99-17 Harley Twin Cam Models

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Andrews Products grinds its cams with the help of a computer with cam design capabilities. This superior technology gives the utmost in both performance and reliability. Only the best alloy steel billets and heat-treating process are utilized. Furthermore, the power in Harley's Twin Cam engine can be made even more convincing when superior Andrews computer-designed high-performance cams are installed.
Works well with carbs or fuel injection
Bolt-in cams
Run best with low restriction exhausts (2200-5800 rpm)
Smooth idle with broad torque band
Can be used with stock valve springs and tappets
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@ .053"


@ .020"

Valve Lift Lift TDC
Intake 18 38 236 272 .510" .174"
Exhuast 46 14 240 276 .510" .140" 
216337G & 216337 - All 07-17 Twin Cam & 06 Dyna Glide
288137G & 288137 - 99-06 Twin Cam (Except 06 Dyna Glide)

NOTE: All Andrews gear-driven cams require four-gear set for installation (DS-199532 for 99-06 applications; 0925-0166 or 0925-0152 for 07-17 Twin Cam and 06 Dyna applications).

NOTE: Chain Driven Cams: 00-06 model cams use a splined cam drive sprocket. These cams will fit in the 1999 Twin Cam motor, but the splined cam drive sprocket OEM #25716-99 or DS-199175 must be used.

NOTE: Installer must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance and valve-to-piston clearance.

NOTE: 59G, 60G and 64G cams are for highly tuned engines and require the knowledge of an expert engine builder for proper setup and installation.