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Avon AM7 Safety Mileage 500-16 MKII Classic Rear Tire Harley Bobber Chopper

Manufacturer: AVON


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 PART# 305030 / 1694901

Avon Tire - Safety Mileage 500-16 Rear

Avon AM7 Safety Mileage MKII Classic Rear Tire 305030

Avon AM7 Safety Mileage MKII Classic Rear Tire Available in Sizes: 5.00-16 * 4.00-18 3.50-19 All sizes are S-Rated for speed up to 112 mph/180 kph *The 5.00-16 tire size has a different tread pattern than the standard Safety Mileage Mark II tire sizes


Traditional American, British and Vintage fitments

Best used in conjunction with the Avon AM6 Speedmaster MKII tire

Classic block pattern rear tire

Available in a variety of different tread patterns designed to suit older bikes

Modern rubber compounds deliver enhanced durability and performance

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