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Avon Roadrider Front Rear Tire Set Sportster 90/90-19 MT90-16 Blackwall Harley

Manufacturer: Avon Tyres


305730 + 305718



PART# 305730 + 305718

AM26 Avon Roadrider Front and Rear Tire Set

Black Wall Tires

Front 19" Tire

Rear 16" Tire
MT90-16 (130/90-16)

Sold in pairs

If your running D401 D402 Harley Tires now and what an Avon, this is a great alternative and you get Legendary Avon Look, performance, & Quality.

Avon's New Roadrider Range Has it All

 This is Avon's brand new, all-weather crossply motorcycle tire designed to deliver value and performance to riders of traditional and commuter machines. 

This tire gives riders the four things they care about most; durability, grip, precise handling and performance.

Avon has looked closely at what really matters to riders of traditional and commuter machines; Factors such as the tire's ability to resist whitelining led to the design of a unique central groove in the tread. 

The need for light and precise handling, whilst moving at slow speeds through traffic, called for an advanced casing design to give low rolling resistance and positive feel.

 And the all-important combination of confidence and durability are delivered by a distinctive, modern tread pattern cut into a no-nonsense, all-weather compound.

Avon has also considered the issue of high-speed performance and Roadrider certainly has the potential to exceed expectations in this area. 

Avon technicians have built in a multi-arc tread profile that forces the biggest possible contact patch onto the road, whatever the lean angle.

 Finally, to really prove that a tire can have everything, all Roadrider tires are capable of speeds of up to 150mph / 240kph.
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