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Black 12 Volt 2-Brush Generator Low Output Regulator Harley Flathead Sportster

Manufacturer: V-Twin Mfg.





Black 12 Volt 2-Brush Generator with Low Output

PART# 32-0790

FITS: FL 1941-1969

XL 1957-1981 

45" Flatheads if Modifications are made.


Generator is 2-brush type with built-in regulator. 

Generator is low output for use with 12 volt mini battery, or magneto set up. 

Generator fits 1936-1969 FLH including Flathead models. 

7" Inches Long.

3-1/2" Inches in Diameter.

*~*~ Tech Note: On pre-1958 models case must be drilled to accept 5/16" mount bolts. 

*~*~ Tech Note: May conflict with some foot clutches.

*~*~ On 45" Flathead models, Generator Strap may need to be removed,

as well as shaving down the front of the case to accept the larger bolt hole widths.

Order gear kit for installation Separate.

45" Flatheads will need atleast a 5/16" X 2" Bolt.

Gear Kit (14 Tooth) - Part # 32-0983 - $29

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