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Chrome Ratcheting Style Vented Gas Cap OE 61102-83A Harley Touring Softail XL

Manufacturer: V Twin


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PART # 38-0317

FLT 1983-1995
FXST 1984-1995
FLST 1986-1995
FX 1983-1984
FXR 1983-1994
XL 1983-1995
FL 1983-1984

Steel cap features a low pressure relief vent recessed in the cap to clear the filler neck vent tube on 1985 and later tanks for right side.

It is advisable to order caps in sets, as they may not match the existing cap brand or style.

All tanks or tank sets will require hand fitting to give correct alignment for dash and fuel line fitment.

NOTE: Dash will also have to be shimmed when installed, to achieve correct height.
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