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Chrome Thunderheader 2 - 1 High Performance Exhaust Pipe System Harley Touring

Manufacturer: Thunderheader




Pipes may have a lead time, please contact us before purchasing.

 PART # 1074X

This sale includes the full exhaust system PLUS Heat shields.

2-INTO-1 long style (right side only) for 1984-2016 FLH Models with Big Cubic Inch Engines. Recommended on 113 Cubic Inches and up. Increased horsepower & unmistakable THUNDERHEADER™ sound.

The new Thunderheader™ X-Series™ for Touring is our large diameter exhaust specifically designed for big cubic inch engines, built to produce big numbers The X-Series™ is designed with 2 in. primary tubes with a 12 degree transition chamber to allow more exhaust flow Unique patented baffle in conjunction with the trademark tail cone is designed to allow a free-flowing exhaust while creating an anti-reversion condition in the pipe which will aid the air/fuel flow on the intake stroke to allow more fuel into the combustion chamber This means more torque at the low and mid RPM ranges and maximum horsepower at top end The X-Series™ comes complete with heat shields and all mounting hardware, and bungs for both 12mm and 18mm O2 sensors O2 sensor ports are pre-installed with O2 sensor plugs

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