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J&M Corp Bluetooth Replacement Harmon HK Radio Stereo Harley 2006-2013 Touring

Manufacturer: J&M Corp


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This is a direct replacement Harley HK radio with Bluetooth added for 2006-2013 Harley Davidson StreetGlide/Ultra/RoadGlide/CVO.

Our Harley HK radios have been completely rebuilt/refurbished by Iron-Cross-Audio with a new PC board in place of the less durable older style, updated output amplifier chips, enhanced CD stabilization components along with an internally mounted Bluetooth IC for linking to your cell phone as an alternate stereo music source.

All of the normal handlebar control features/adjustments have been maintained, along with the internal intercom, CB, XM satellite radio, i-Pod and other add-on/plug-in integration features as originally provided by Harley Davidson.

The ONLY exception is to track forward on the music source using a Bluetooth linked phone, you simply press the right-hand arrow on the face of the radio, instead of the right side handlebar control.

The price listed is for the radio provided as an exchange with your existing stock Harley HK radio taken as trade in. (no other brand radios OR Harley HK radios with obvious physical damage will be accepted as a trade-in).

There will be a $400.00 core charge added to the total price at the time of purchase, and this core charge will be refunded when the trade-in radio is received, with all transportation charges prepaid to J&M Corporation, 1415 S. Cherry Ave., Tucson AZ 85713.

The $400 core refund option will expire 30 days after the date on the invoice for the original radio purchase.
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