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Klock Werks Chrome 13" ErgoBack Ape Hanger Handlebars Bagger Harley Touring 14up

Manufacturer: KLOCK WERKS




 PART#  KW06-01-5004-C  or  0601-3004

13" (12.75) Chrome Ergo Handlebars

Fits: 2014 - 2020 Harley Batwing Fairing Model Bagger

Ergonomically correct wrist position not only reduces stress to your wrists, but may help reduce that pinched feeling between your shoulder blades after a day of riding! ERGO bar options are designed specifically to adjust your wrist to a more natural relaxed position, vs. riding with stock bars. ERGO bars accept stock controls/housings, and are pre-drilled and slotted for internal wiring. They are designed to work with stock length cables, wires and heated grips.*

ERGO BACK bars are a relaxed cruiser model, perfect for the shorter rider or even for a taller rider wanting to kick back. They allow for a more relaxed seating position. 

*For easier installation of 2014+ Ergo Bars, we recommend a wire extension kit. Drag Specialties part # 2120-0368.

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