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Kuryakyn Chrome Radiator Vent Shark Grills Accent Trim Piece Honda Goldwing 1800

Manufacturer: Kuryakyn




 PART# 7314

2001-2010 GL1800

Make your mile munching Goldwing look like the asphalt eating predator it is with our Shark Gill Fairing Accents. 

Shark Gills are racy, one-piece, chrome-plated accents incorporating a streamlined main beam with six stylish vanes. 

Instantly gives the fairing exit vent an aggressive, high-speed appearance. 

Fairing Radiator Vent Trim takes an otherwise overlooked body feature and accentuates the aggressive, 

high speed appearance. 

Either piece is held in place with a high-tech adhesive & installation requires no drilling or disassembly of the motorcycle. 

Available individually or as a complete kit.

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