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Kuryakyn Super Lizard Maximus Kit 8 Set LED Engine Lights Colored Accents Harley

Manufacturer: KURYAKYN





PART# 5021

Universal 12V Applications: Kuryakyn Lizard, Super Lizard & Infinity Products

Get a smooth, even glow without the spotlighting of pod style L.E.D.’s! The Chameleon of L.E.D. lights offers three spectacular modes - Single Color Steady Illumination, Single Color Flashing with Variable Rate and Multiple Color Change with Variable Rate. Each kit comes with everything you need to light up your bike! Contains lights, controller, connectors, extensions, alcohol pads, dielectric grease, cable ties, & spare adhesive pads.

Disclaimer: Laws and enforcement of laws pertaining to auxiliary lighting vary from state to state. If you are concerned about your area, we encourage you to check with your local authorities before making your purchase.
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