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Memphis Shades Black Smoke Speed Demon Sportshield Windshield Harley Big Twin

Manufacturer: Memphis Shades


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Brand New

Part # MEP54112

Memphis Shades Black Smoke Speed Demon Sportshield

Speed; that's what it's all about.

On your Harley Davidson, the Speed Demon Windshield gives you the fast looks and great protection that you want.

With it's small winged design, riders notice increased wind protection on their hands also.

Fast style, great looks and great fit, the Speed Demon delivers it all.

Offers more protection with a sporty look.

Features a similar shape and style of the popular handlebar mount "Demon" shield, but with the benefits of easier installation and faster removal due to the exclusive Sportshield mounting system.

Measures 21" W and 18" H above the headlight.

Made of Lucite for excellent optics and durability.

Available in Gradient Black, Solar (a light tint with 72% visible light transmission), and a NEW shade of black!

Black Smoke (a black tint with 40% visible light transmission)
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