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Moons MC V3 Smoked Rear Low Profile LED Taillight Harley FXR Big Twin Softail XL

Manufacturer: Moons MC





Moons MC Low Profile LED V3 Taillight


Plug-n-play for '98 and older Harley models
FXR, Dyna, Sportster & Baggers supported
Optional Strobe Function 
Fully seal unit - no water can get in 
Integrated Turn Signals
License Plate Window LED Lights
Lifetime Warranty

The Moons MC V3 Low Profile LED tail light features high quality LED chips, integrated turn signals and also a strobe function which can be enabled and or disabled by the push of a button!

With the strobe function enabled, when you apply the brake the tail light will flash five times and then will go solid. When the strobe flashes, this makes the rider much more visible to anyone behind them! A great safety feature!


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