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Moose Racing Flex SE Series 1 1/8 Black 999 KTM Low Handlebar Off-Road Dirt Bike

Manufacturer: Moose Racing


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Brand New

Part # 0601-4879

Moose Racing 1 1/8" Flex SE Series Handlebar

Flex SE constructed from high-quality 7010-T6 aerospace grade aluminum

Oversized handlebar made with a variable diameter and wall thicknesses

1-1/8" use variable thickness such as (28.6mm diameter in clamping area).

1-1/8" handlebar is 40% lighter and stronger than classic bar

Knurled clutch side for better grip retention


Finish/Color: Black

Features: Knurled Clutch End

Type/Bend: 999 / KTM

Rise: 2-1/16"

Width: 32"

Pullback/Sweep: 2-1/8"

Handlebar Diameter: 1-1/8"

Material: Aluminum

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