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Moose Racing Hybrid Footpegs Off-Road Racing Dirt Bike MX 91-09 Suzuki Kawasaki

Manufacturer: Moose Racing


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Brand New

Part # 1620-0774


1991-2002 Suzuki RM 125/ RM 250

1993-1998 Suzuki RMX 250

2000-2004 Suzuki DR-Z 400

2000-2007 Suzuki DR-Z 400 E

2000-2009 Suzuki DR-Z 400 S

2005-2009 Suzuki DR-Z 400 SM

2003-2004 Kawasaki KLX 400

Each footpeg is cast from 17-4 stainless steel, given a solution-annealing treatment, and age-hardened for superior strength

Width (57mm) and length (90mm); slightly convex platform for better boot positioning and grip when leaning forward or back

Dual-plane teeth provide traction without the "stuck" feeling

Available with 1/2" rear offset to allow more space

Use your OEM springs

Sold in pairs

Made in the USA
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