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New J&M Fairing Speaker Adapters Adapter Plate Kit Harley Road Glide RRPA-RGSPA


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These are J&M's fairing speaker adapter plates to fit the 1998-2013 Harley RoadGlide fairing.

They are exact dimensional substitutes for Harley part#s 77021-98B & 77022-98B.

They are needed for many of the 1998-2005 RoadGlide fairings when upgrading from the stock 5 ¼" speakers to J&M 7.25" speakers OR when replacing the stock Harley 5X7" speaker plates that are used on 2012-2013 CVO RoadGlide fairings, to speaker plates that can be used with the Harley 5.25" or 'J&M 7.25" speakers.

This kit includes BOTH left & right side speaker adapter plates along with mounting hardware.

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