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Paul Yaffe Originals 1 1/4 OEM Chrome 12" Monkey Bar Handlebars Harley FLTR FLHR



OEMB125-12 C


PART # OEM-12-C or OEMB125-12 C

Fits 1982-2013 Road Glide FLTR and 1994-2017 Road King FLHR and any other Non CVO models using 1" risers

OEM Monkey Bars

If you’re a Road Glide or Road King freak don’t feel left out! We make killer bars for your bike too!

Paul wanted to lend all the chopper styling and attitude he could to the Road Glide / Road King platform so he took a set of his classic Original Monkey Bars, widened them a couple of inches, gave them some swoopy arches and WHAM... instant attitude adjustment!

Our classic Monkeys were designed for Road Glide / Road Kings but they fit on just about any OEM model out there!

Softails, Fatbobs...You name it!

Since we introduced the Monkey Bars we’ve seen some guys trying to copy them, but the quality is shit, they made straight corners instead of our sexy arched points and corners and they have made no consideration for internal wiring where we work the inside of our bars to make your wires go thru smooth as possible!

There is just no cutting corners when it comes making high quality, great looking Original Monkey Bars!

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