Rinehart Racing 2-into-1 Full Exhaust System for Harley Touring 95-Present

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Step up your Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle’s performance with the best performing 2-into-1 system in the industry. Boost your low-, mid-, and high-end torque and horsepower while also giving your bike a classic, sleek look and the Rinehart sound that we’re known for.
Best of both worlds—stepped header 2-into-1 system provides the rider with powerful low-end torque that does not sacrifice maximum top-end horsepower
Utilizes stepped header technology that scavenges the exhaust efficiently, or draws it out of the cylinder, allowing the engine to operate at peak performance making the most horsepower
Our half megaphone 4” muffler and proprietary baffle design give this system a deep, warm tone that’s mellow at low RPM and idle, but really comes to life with a twist of the throttle
This power system is wrapped up in smooth aesthetics with precision laser-cut heat shields and a sleek collector heat shield
Features 12mm and 18mm O2 ports with optimum placement for dyno tuning and proper measurement of the exhaust gas concentration from the port, making the engine perform efficiently.
Can be customized with black or chrome heat shield and end caps
2-into-1 muffler can be accessorized with 4" Moto Series™ end caps