Rinehart Racing Xtreme True Duals for Harley Touring 2009-2016

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For those that want the absolute best, Rinehart Racing Xtreme True Duals integrate all of our proprietary exhaust technologies into a single system that delivers boosts in torque and horsepower, all the while routing the heat away from both rider and passenger.
Stepped header design scavenges the exhaust, allowing the engine to efficiently operate at peak performance maximizing horsepower.
Equal-length head pipes provide for equal exhaust gas pressure between cylinders for optimum performance.
Header configuration routes head pipes away from the rider's leg, keeping heat away and providing a comfortable ride.
Features 12mm and 18mm O2 ports with optimum placement for dyno tuning and proper measurement of the exhaust gas concentration from the port, making the engine perform efficiently. 
Anti-reversion louvers eliminate the negative pulse from traveling back into the port and robbing the engine of horsepower. 
Full coverage, laser cut heat shields.
All mufflers can be accessorized with Moto Series end caps