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Shinko 16" MT90-16 Retro Whitewall WWW Front Or Rear Tire Harley Bobber Custom

Manufacturer: SHINKO

$90.12 $96.85




 PART # 87-4111

The high-mileage tire that brings out the best in your Harley. 

Excellent straight-running stability — the flat profile provides a 

big 4-groove footprint that keeps you rock steady on the long, straight haul. 

Ultra-heavy-duty Kevlar breaker — Kevlar is a breakthrough in 

tires designed for H-D cycles. Together with the supple nylon 

carcass, Kevlar produces a tire with incredible durability. 

Refined ride comfort — the Kevlar breaker maintains tread shape, 

while the flexible nylon carcass beneath soaks up the 

bumps to give you a smoother ride than ever before.


These are reproductions of Goodyear’s Super Eagle tires.

This can be used on any bike with either a 16 x3 or 16 x 3.5 Rim

Replaces tires Sizes MT90-16 & 130/90-16

This Tire measures 5.10 x 16

Even this look old, they are Brand new and have an incredible Load Max of 830 LBS per tire @ 40psi.

This is a 3 Nylon Ply & 1 Aramid Ply Tire w/ a C load Range!

Requires the use of a tube.

Auction is for one single tire.

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