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Ultima 12" Chrome Classic Standard 1" Ape Hanger Apes Handlebars Bars Harley

Manufacturer: Ultima




ULTIMA PART # 50-225

Fits: Harley-Davidson models up to 1982 that utilize non-dimpled handlebars (older style hand controls). Will fit on bikes that already have non-dimpled handlebars. Will NOT work with newer style hand controls that require dimpled handlebars.

Classic 12" Ape Hanger design in a brilliant chrome finish. 

These bars are made with CNC bender for a smooth radius at each bend. 

Non-dimpled for older style hand controls

Knurled for standard Harley riser spacing.

Width 33.45"

Height 12"

Center Width 7.85"

Pull Back 6.91"
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