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Zippers Red Shift 657 Performance Cams Chain Drive 110"+ Harley 07-17 Twin Cam

Manufacturer: Zippers

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Brand New

Part # 413-941S

Red Shift 657 Performance Cams, Chain Drive, for 2007-2017 Twin Cam Engines

The stroked crankshaft in the 96” engine changes the dynamic from 2006 and earlier model 88” engines, making correct cam choice crucial to avoid engine damaging detonation with today’s fuel quality.

Spring work required unless otherwise noted as a bolt-in cam.

We recommend new cam bearings and performance tappets with any cam change.

*These cams can also be used in 2006 FXD engines

657-HS: Extremely popular grind for 110” and larger modified engines.

Max early torque with balanced power for quick acceleration with a heavy payload.

Narrower timing increases compression for more low-mid grunt, with excellent peak power.

Excellent valve train dynamics for long life, works well with most bagger exhaust.
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