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Looking for a new ride? We offer a huge selection of clean, low-mileage, Pre-Owned Harley Davidson & Custom Motorcycles. On average, we have 200+ units in stock, ranging almost a century worth of production years, and our inventory is constantly being updated as we buy and sell. Be sure to check this page on a regular basis for updates to our inventory!

Perhaps a "production bike" is not the path you are looking to go? As luck would have it, you are still in the right place. We are a Federally Licensed Motorcycle Manufacturer, and specialize in ground-up builds for our "exacting" customers. While many companies might have just started down this path, or have "cookie-cutter" production models, the only restriction with us is your imagination. From 300mm RSD Sportster Choppers, to Bare-Bones Rigid Bar-Hoppers, to Speed-Monster Prostreet Choppers, we have built them all. Call/email us for more information, or stop in to see a few examples of our builds.

We also specialize in offering our customers every financing option available. Please inquire with our sales staff for details.

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