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If you need to finance or lease one of our motorcycles, AFTER Reading below, simply click "CREDIT APPLICATION" Below.  We offer competitive rates for traditional financing as well as great leasing programs. We work with all types of credit. The general rule of thumb is the lower the score, the higher the down payment.

After you complete the online application you will receive a generic email. Please respond with what bike you are interested in and how much money you are working with down.  (Please see requirements below)

Please review the notes below before applying:

* No money down is available on many of our bikes for customers with excellent credit. If you have poor credit, you will need a down payment. Even with good credit, no money down does not work on older bikes or bikes with many accessories and upgrades.

* Motorcycles older than 10 years old typically require the largest down payments. 2011 and up models typically work best. Classic bikes and any bikes 2010 or older typically require you to get a personal loan unless you have A+ credit.

*Applicants with credit scores below 600 will typically need at least $3,000 down. With scores 550 or lower, you will need at least $3,500 and maybe more depending on the bike. If your score is below 500, you typically need at least $4,000 down depending on the bike. Of course down payment will vary by bike. If your score is below 600, typically a bike no older than 10 years and no more than $10,000 financed after down payment works best. The more down payment you have, the better chance of approval. Remember try to pick out a bike no older than a 2010 if you have credit issues. 

**** Please keep in mind if you have a score below 600, the down payments posted are for limited choice of bikes. Touring models, low mileage bikes, and ones with many extras will usually require larger down payments.

* Bankruptcies must be discharged or dismissed. No open Bankruptcies. You cannot be currently delinquent on an auto, motorcycle, or home loan. Very recent repossessions and/or foreclosures cannot be approved.

* If you have a co-signer with better credit, it always helps to add them to your application when applying.