S&S Tappet Set Lifters 1984-1999 Big Twin EVO 1986-1990 Sportster 33-5352

Designer: S&S Cycle

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Part # 33-5352

S&S Hydraulic Tappets fit all Harley-Davidson Evolution big twin engines

1984-1999 Big Twin

1986–'90 Sportster models.

These tappets feature numerous significant design improvements and are perfect for stock replacement as well as high performance applications. 

Larger inner bearing race reduces stresses to increase axle, bearing, and roller life.
The S&S inner bearing race is .123" larger in diameter than the "raceless" roller axles currently used by some manufacturers.
Improved inner race-roller design allows use of more, and larger bearings to increase load-carrying surface area, further reducing stress and wear in the critical roller area.
Redesigned plunger assembly better withstands forces associated with heavy-duty valve springs and cams typically used in high-performance applications.
Revised metering device precisely controls oil delivery to top end, insuring rapid lifter pump-up and reducing possibility of oil starvation to bottom end.
Each lifter body and plunger assembly is hand-fit and then pressure-tested to insure correct operation.



Made in the U.S.A.