Zippers Red Shift 577TC Performance Cams Chain Drive 95"+ Harley 99-06 Twin Cam

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Part # 413-920S

Red Shift 577TC Performance Cams, Chain Drive, 1999-2006 Twin Cam Engines

577TC: Performance cams for 95” and larger Twin Cam® engines.

Nice, smooth power and big torque in engines with good flowing heads, increased compression (10.0+) performance ignition, exhaust and a larger carb or throttle body.

Bolt-in with conical springs or CVO 103” heads; runs very quiet.

Can produce 105-110 rear wheel horsepower and torque in 95” engines.

Adjustable pushrods required.

Recommended Top End Gasket Kits: Choose a full top end gasket kit if you’re doing headwork with cam install or a cam-change-only kit for bolt-in cams which do not require head removal (includes cam, tappet, rocker lid gaskets and pushrod o-rings).

**These cams can not be used in 2006 FXD engines.**