New Dakota Digital Transmission Speed Sensor 1996-2006 Harley Bobber Chopper

Designer: Dakota Digital

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 PART # SEN-6017 or 2210-0013 or 498614

  For use with HLY-6000, MCV-7xxx Series, MCL-5xxx, MCL-4xxx, HLY-3011/3015/ 3016, 

HLY-2002 and HLY-1000 series speedometers.

Transmission speed sensors mount into the sensor port on most 1996-2006 OEM Harley-Davidson and aftermarket big twin transmissions.

 Inductively reading an internal gear, the sensor provides a pulse signal to the speedometer which in turn calculates and displays the bike's speed.

* When used with a six speed transmission it is required to use the transmission speed sensor spacer supplied with the transmission.

Made of machined aluminum and hand polished.