Electronic Digital LED Speedometer Speedo Tachometer Indicator Harley Chopper XL

Designer: V-Twin Manufacturing

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PART# 39-0599

Chrome Electronic Digital L.E.D. Speedometer and Tachometer by V-Twin Manufacturing

Chrome finish

Sold with out brackets

If you ever wanted to upgrade to drag bars or apes and didn't know how to clean up your speedo then you just found the cure. Here is a Speedo shown mounted on drag bars on a bike that used to have the cluttered factory speedo.

These chrome-plated units are self-contained, with no external modules to wire to. Just hook up the wires and you're on your way. You get a digital speedometer, tachometer, & tripmeter. You also get all indicator light functions including oil, turn signal, hi-low beam, and neutral if you choose to run them.

The unit is encased in molded epoxy for moisture, vibration, and corrosion resistance.

These mount to many different bars using custom brackets or ones made by dakota digital we also have liste don ebay. We have also mounted these in many creative places like on 1" bars between risers using a sleeve around bar, we have welded 1 1/4" stubs off motor mounts and frames too mount these. The possibilities are endless. Mount is not included. You can make a custom mount or use any of the Dakota Digital mounts we sell on ebay.

Note: Requires digital signal from transmission sensor (or like device) for speedometer input.

Includes instructions that detail wiring destinations and operations.


4 1/4" L x 2 1/4" H x 1 1/2" W


110MM L x 57MM H x 38 W


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