Andrews 57H .560 Lift Roller Chain Cams Cam Harley Touring Softail Dyna 06-2017

Designer: Andrews

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PART # 216357

Fits 2006 to Present Dyna, 2007 to Present Softail and 2007-2016 Touring

Splined chain drive camshafts 
 Kits include: cams, 1 roller bearing and 1 ball bearing (bearings only included in 1999-2006 models) 
 Designed for use with stock Harley-Davidson hydraulic lifters 
 Can be installed on both carbureted and fuel injected models 
 Specially designed for 103-110in. engines 
 Bolt-in low RPM power galore for heavy bikes 
 NOTE: Installer must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance and valve-to-piston clearance 
 Intake Opening (degrees): 18 
 Intake Closing (degrees): 38 
 Exhaust Opening (degrees): 46 
 Exhaust Closing (degrees): 14 
 Intake Duration (degrees): 236 
 Exhaust Duration (degrees): 240 
 Intake Lift (in): .560 
 Exhaust Lift (in): .560