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14" Black Fat Monster Ape Hangers Apes Handlebars Harley Softail Dyna Sportster

Manufacturer: DNA

$188.99 $196.99



PART # M-HB-4004BK

11/2 in. diameter handlebar designed for maximum comfort

Notched ends for throttle-by-wire or standard throttle bikes

Bars are dimpled and drilled for wiring and handlebar controls

Most applications will require longer cables and extension of handlebar wiring

Bar dimensions (overall height, bottom width, etc) are measured from center to center of tubing where applicable

Diameter is 1" at clamping area and grip/hand control area

Smooth Gloss Black powdercoated finish


14" rise

Pull Back: 6-7"

Overall width: 35"

Width at bottom outside: 13 12"

Width of 1" clamping area: 5 1/2"

Knurling for clamps is 1" wide and standard 3.5" Harley spacing (center to center) 

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