Zippers Red Shift 576 Performance Cams Chain Drive 07+ Twin Cam CVO Touring Dyna

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PART # 413-929S

The Red Shift Cams® RS576 was developed off of the success of the RS575 cam, but meant to work with the heavier springs and valves that are present in CVO motorcycles and many aftermarket engine builds. The cam timing events are the same as the RS575, which results in the same power output and feel of the proven RS575 design. The new profile yields a quiet valve train when used with heavier 5/16″ stem valves and higher performance valve springs. This is an excellent cam to use in CVO engines, and really shines with more compression and increased airflow are added.

Requires adjustable or cut to fit pushrods
Available in chain & gear drive for Early and Late model engines
Chain drive- Use Red Shift Cams® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners (#413-901) for improved cam chest component reliability, maximum throttle response and reduced valve train noise.
Use 07- Up part number for 2006 FXD engines
We recommend new cam bearings and performance tappets with any cam change.