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21 2.15 Chrome Front Fat Mammoth 52 Spoke Tire Wheel Rim Package Harley XL Dyna

Manufacturer: DNA


MS21281036 + 305756 + M-RT-2100 + 8793-5 + MB



MS21281036 - Mammoth Narrow Glide 52 Spoke
305756 - Avon Cobra WWW MH90-21 Tire
M-RT-2100 - DNA 11.5" Super Spoke Brake Rotor
8793-5 - Rotor Bolts
Mounted And Balanced

FITS: 2000 Through 2007 Sportster, and 2000 through 2003 Dyna (Dual Disc Narrow Glide)

Made In The USA

Chrome Rim, Hub, and Stainless Spokes
Comes with 3/4" I.D. sealed bearings

Trued and ready for Install

This wheel has provision for dual disk brakes, but comes mounted with a single disk

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