Andrews TW54 Chain Drive Driven Cams 555 Lift 1999-06 Harley Big Twin Cam 288154

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PART # 288154 or 494085 or 0925-0282

Fits: 1999-2006 Softail, Dyna, & Touring Models except 2006 Dyna

Designed for 95" to 103" motors with up to 10:1 Compression ratio. 

Cams work best at rpm range of 2200-5600

Want more power from your new 88 engine? 

Andrews Products has the cams to get you there.

 More HP and torque for stock or modified engines is within easy reach. All cam grinds listed are designed for use with stock H/D hydraulic lifters.

For any bolt in cam grind, EZ-install pushrods do not require removal of gas tanks or rocker boxes for installation.

Andrews Products grinds its cams using a computer with cam design capabilities. 

This superior technology gives the utmost in both performance and reliability. Only the best alloy steel billets and heat-treating processes are used. 

The power in a Harley Twin Cam engine is completely released only when superior Andrews computer-designed high-performance cams are installed.

 Splined chain drive camshafts

Kits include: 1 ball bearing. Roller bearing can be purchased separately.

Designed for use with stock Harley-Davidson hydraulic lifters

Can be installed on both carbureted and fuel injected models

Specially designed for 95in. plus engines with compression ratio up to 10:1

2200-5600 RPM range

NOTE: Installer must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance and valve-to-piston clearance

Intake Opening (degrees): 16

Intake Closing (degrees): 42

Exhaust Opening (degrees): 43

Exhaust Closing (degrees): 15

Intake Duration (degrees): 238

Exhaust Duration (degrees): 238

Intake Lift (in): .555

Exhaust Lift (in): .555