Andrews 216837 - 37N Twin Cam 88 Conversion Cams Kit Upgrade 99-06 Roller Chain

Designer: Andrews

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PART# 216837

Andrews 216355 - 37N Twin 88 Conversion cams - 99-06 Twin Cam (except 06 Dyna)

Eliminate spring powered chain adjusters

Engines converted to 2007 type cams and chain drives will have higher output due to less power loss from older spring powered chain tensioners. Instead of the original spring adjusters, new roller cam chains use engine oil pressure to maintain proper chain tension

Camshafts on all 99-06 Twin Cam 88 engines (exc. 2006 Dyna) can be updated to new style roller chain drives

Designed for use with stock H/D hydraulic lifters

Installing 2007 roller cam chains on earlier engines requires series N Andrews camshafts Stock H-D parts are required: 2007 cam support plate, 2007 or later oil pump, cam sprockets and chains and both hydraulic chain adjusters

Matching EZ-install pushrods kits are sold separately. EZ-install pushrods do not require removal of gas tanks or rocker boxes when installing bolt-in camshafts

Hot street cams for 88 or 95in., 80+ rear wheel HP possible with well tuned 88in., more with 95

Smooth idle, broad torque (2200-5600 RPM)