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Designer: HardDrive

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PART# 820-1113B OR H31-0227MB

 HardDrive 1 inch Diameter Bars give a custom cool look and a comfortable ride. Made from high quality steel tubing Fits most models except 1980-Up Touring models with fairings and 2008-Up models with TBW 

Color: Satin Black

Height / total rise - 9"

Width - 33"

Pullback - 7" 

Center width is 6" in the flat area (actually wider but dips down)

The two top edges are 14" apart

The two bottom edges are 11 1/2" apart

These have knurling centers at 3 1/2"

** No wiring dimples so it can be used on most years. 1982 & up models will need to be drilled and internally wired but you wouldn't want the wires run outside anyway or it will look like crap.