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Ultima Chrome 1.25" 11" Apes Ape Hanger Bagger Handle Bar Harley Touring Dresser

Manufacturer: Ultima





PART # 50-308


1-1/4” chrome swedged handlebars

These swedged handlebars have a unique smooth taper transition from the 1-1/4” diameter to the 1” area for mounting the stock OEM style 1” handlebar controls or any 1” custom controls. 

Also this taper allows you to rotate the master cylinder to any position to clear the bars with any brake line. 

These bars are made with CNC bender for a smooth radius at each bend. 

Each handlebar comes with a fishing wire already installed for easy access of pulling your wire harness through the bars. 

Notched bar end for fly-by-wire applications. 

Can also be used w/standard throttle cable

Drilled for internal wiring

37" Wide

8.62" Pullback

11" Height

15.75" Center Width

Designed to be only used with Batwing fairing models

These are a great value bar, but please be realistic in expectations.  These are not going to be the quality of a Yaffe bar, but are also a third of the price or less.  We have had great luck with them but you may see some imperfections in the chrome.

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