Andrews EV27 EV 27 Cam .495 Lift 1984-1999 Harley Evolution Evo Big Twin 291127

Designer: Andrews

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Product Features:

Andrews Products grinds its cams with the help of a computer with cam design capabilities. 

This superior technology gives the utmost in both performance and reliability. 

Only the best alloy steel billets and heat-treating processes are utilized. 

Furthermore, the power in Harley’s Evolution engines can be made even more convincing when a superior Andrews computer-designed high-performance cam is installed.

 These hydraulic lifter cams are capable of 6,000-plus rpm with stock springs and no valve float.

Bolt-in street performance that pulls from 1500 to 6000 rpm

Fast open and close ramps

Similar timing to EV3, but designed to produce a very broad torque band

EV27 Grind Cam


Valve Lift: .495

Open: 20 degrees

Close: 36 degrees

Duration at .053: 236 degrees

Lift at TDC: .182 


Valve Lift: .495

Open: 44 degrees

Close: 16 degrees

Duration at .053: 240 degrees

Lift at TDC: .166