Feuling Reaper 405 Grind Chain Drive Cam Camshaft Harley Touring Softail M8 17+

Designer: Feuling

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PART # 1340

FITS: Harley Milwaukee Eight Models

405 grind cam, 395 Intake lift, 405 Exhaust lift, direct bolt in replacement chain drive, can be used with factory valve springs, pushrods and lifters. RPM 1,700-5,700

405 CAM - A workhorse, producing a wide powerband increasing torque and HP throughout the entire RPM range when compared to stock.
Direct bolt in replacement for Milwaukee Eight engines, can be used with stock valve springs, pushrods, lifters and exhaust. Will respond well with slip-on mufflers and or complete exhaust system and a high flow air cleaner. Note Feuling recommends using free flowing mufflers with smaller cores for best lower RPM power and pull. RPM range 1,700 - 5,700. Grind: 405

Intake: .395 Valve Lift, 4 Open, 24 Close, 200 Duration @ 50, .068 lift @ TDC, 103 Lobe Centerline
Exhaust: .405 Valve Lift, 36 Open, 11 Close, 205 Duration @ 50, .049 lift @ TDC, 108 Lobe Centerline
Overlap: 7

*Cam specs measured in the engine on the lifter @ 0.050 using a 1.61 rocker arm ratio

Feuling® does not recommend tuning beyond stock emissions standards.